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Life changing events can occur in an instant. When they do, Long Term Disability and Long Term Care Coverage can help protect our income, living expenses and wealth. These types of policies avert the kind of financial catastrophe that often follows a serious illness or injury. The fear of being financially destroyed is safeguarded and offers peace of mind.

At NestBenefits, we combine our passion for insuring employees and individuals with benefits that are a part of an overall strategy for retirement and financial planning. We understand the importance of creating permanent solutions for people threatened by total financial loss.

The NestBenefits difference.

We're masters of our trade. Disability and Long Term Care are our expertise and our passion… it is all we do.

We make the financial case for having Long Term Disability and Long Term Care as primary over other costly insurance.

We engage with HR, management, business owners and individuals to understand their unique needs and provide solutions.

Flexible & customized coverage.

We work one-on-one with you to create the ideal coverage plan that works for you and your employees.

Why should employers offer Long Term Disability insurance?

Disability benefits are an important part of an overall benefits strategy and can be a significant factor in employee recruitment and retention. Employers are understanding the significance in offering disability plans over some of the less life changing benefits. When offering benefits that directly impact the production and/or the profitability of the company, employers want a plan that will help get their employees back to work promptly.

If an employee becomes disabled for an extended time period, due to illness or injury, Long Term Disability insurance bridges the gap between with their previously earned income. If an employee is injured or falls ill for a shorter time period, we can offer disability and critical illness insurance to bridge the income gap. Both options guarantee a benefit to help when current and future earnings are at stake.

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Why should individuals consider Long Term Disability insurance?

Even If your employer does not provide disability coverage the need still exists to own your own policy. The need to maintain your income and current earning is up to you. A vast majority do not have the resources to replace or self fund personal expenses. What would happen to the mortgage, rent, health insurance, medical costs etc? How would these monthly costs be paid? It is prudent to have a disability policy in place to prepare for such financial unknowns.

In addition, American entrepreneurs are heading up small businesses and opting into self-employment. But, owning your own company or working for yourself doesn’t mean you have to forgo coverage for wealth and income protection should you be unable to work due to injury or illness. The younger you are the sooner you should acquire disability insurance. The policies are less expensive and offer greater benefits.

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Why do you need Long Term Care coverage?

You might think, “I’m young, I don’t have to worry about Long Term care insurance coverage for a long time!” The truth is, people can require Long Term Care coverage at any age. Our country is noticing the numerous figures of advanced aging. This benefit covers terminal and end of life costs. Now is the time to purchase this coverage as the cost becomes increasingly more expensive as one ages. The sooner you purchase it, the better.

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